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"I use Enhanced Legal Video exclusively for my video deposition needs.The quality and service is top notch and always dependable. It's good to know I can concentrate on my case and not have to worry about getting the video done right."  Greg Szul of Greg Tuite & Associates, Rockford, IL

“Enhanced Legal Video is fast, friendly, experienced, and very proficient.  ELV is my first choice for legal videography,”  Randall Taradash of the Taradash Law Firm, McHenry, IL.

ELV assisted in defending my case which produced a very favorable outcome for my client.  ELV’s
services are professional, reliable and prompt,” Brent Smith, Johns Flaherty & Collins, La Crosse, WI.

"I use Enhanced Legal Video for all my video evidence depositions.  ELV is reliable, professional, helpful and their services are up to date,"  David N. Rechenberg, Franks & Rechenberg, P.C., Lake in the Hills, IL.

“The video/text synchronization services which ELV provided were indispensable to the building of my case.  The fact that the witness can be seen and heard is vastly more persuasive than any bland reading of a deposition transcript could ever be,”   Richard R. Haldeman, Trial Attorney, Poplar Grove, IL

“The video evidence deposition performed by ELV was done very professionally.  On a last minutes notice the edited video was delivered straight to the courthouse for me to use at trial.  I believe the video was a big part in helping me defend my client’s case and the jury’s decision being a very favorable outcome,”
Ray Fabricius – Fabricius, Koenig & Lindig, Ottawa, IL

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