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Eric Rukin is a certified legal video specialist.  In an industry governed by rules, Eric understands the importance of performing video depositions in accordance with Federal and State Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, as applicable and the NCRA standards.

Eric has worked hard to train all ELV’s legal video specialists to practice the same level of professionalism and produce the same quality product.   It is on this foundation of quality that ELV has grown.

Working with many reputable Illinois and National court reporting firms and reputable law firms, Eric Rukin has gained a reputation as a certified legal video specialist of choice.  Eric is sought after to shoot video on very high profile cases and chosen to videotape celebrity depositions because of the results he consistently achieves in the legal field on behalf of his clients.  He has extensive experience videotaping depositions as well as day-in-the-life videos (activities of daily living), site inspections, accident reconstructions, mock trials and others.  Eric also is proficient at editing video depositions for trial.

Eric enjoys working directly with attorneys.  Through these direct relationships, ELV offers attorneys superior knowledge and service as well as increased accountability.

Eric also works through large court reporting/video firms, both local and national.  Many of these firms are continually looking to ELV when setting their own standards of professionalism and quality.

Eric’s expertise has now expanded into trial support through the use of trial presentation software.  ELV can now serve as a trial support resource on cases that merit multimedia/electronic presentation.

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